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Our Brand Fam

a plate of food on a picnic table


Iconic 44-year old cultural landmark, restaurant, bar, bookstore and event space in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC.

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Federalist Pig

Serving a unique convergence of Kansas City, Carolina & Texas-inspired BBQ sandwiches and platters. Selling out daily since 2016.

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Ted's Bulletin

Popular 6-unit eatery taking a creative and contemporary approach to classic American dishes and cocktails. Open daily for all-day breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

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Sidekick Bakery

Limited-service bakery and coffee shop with creative and proprietary product lines including Slidekick breakfast sandwiches, Snowday ice cream treats, and an inventive croissant series.

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Ensemble Kitchen is where premium restaurants come together, all in one kitchen. From Ted’s Bulletin, Federalist Pig, Sidekick Bakery and Honeymoon, it's a new way to order the most popular breakfast, lunch or dinner items, for pick-up or delivery.

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Fedwings chicken wings and chicken tenders with house-made sauces


Fresh, never frozen, dry brined for 24 hours, smoked with hickory, flash fried, seasoned with a special Fed Pig blend and delivered right to your door.

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